What Is Oud?

Oud or Oudh is known as one of the most expensive fragrance raw ingredients in the world. To understand more about oud, it helps to look at the oud origin. The uses of oud date back to ancient times with evidence in the scriptures of many cultures. Scented oud sticks burn in places of worship today.

Extracting the resinous heartwood of an agar tree provides ingredients for premium essential agarwood oil. The trees are cultivated for the luxury incense primarily in India, Bangladesh, South East Asia, and traditionally Arabian countries.

Perhaps only one in ten wild trees will have the right heartwood born from years of ageing and decay. Some expert perfumers seek out the wild trees for the superior richness of the distilled wood aroma. Cultivating and farming - for the formation of the resin - doubles the chances of production volumes. Still, the yield is low. Just 2% of trees produce a quality product of probably the most expensive essential oil on the market.

What’s oud value? Its value is often estimated as more than the value of gold; hence it is sometimes called liquid gold. The exquisitely complex fragrance of oud is a precious gift of nature. When blended to burn with other essential oils, the result permeates interiors with a sense of opulence and comfort.

The diversity of the fragrance options are very pleasing. You’ll experience a combination of smoky, dampened wood with subtle touches of fruit and flora. The prominent scent is said to be both musky as well as sensual.

When you buy oud in the UK, the scented sticks are refined to provide the best of modern perfumery from essential natural oils. Today’s complex fragrance formulations with blended oud are very popular. Famously launching their fragrances, designers utilise the cherished essential oil to a significant effect.

In the iOud sticks perfume composition, the oud is often a base note in the air long after the other fragrances dissipate. As a perfume foundation, base notes are long-lasting. They help to enhance different ingredient scents. While most wood notes have earthy qualities, oud is instead a pleasant sweet scent.

The many applications of oud range from spiritual to therapeutic. For harmony or serenity of spirit, many people burn oud incense sticks. In the Middle East, the burning of oud wood chips scents home and clothes. Some Muslims believe that prayers rise with scented agarwood smoke to carry a message straight to their creator.

Blue 12 oud

If you are looking to add fragrance to your life, come to know and love oud. Choose the smooth, rich and luxurious blended agarwood of Blue Oud 12 for accents of golden saffron and damask rose with top notes of saffron and geranium, some middle notes of rose and papyrus alongside costus, castoreum and the final base notes of agarwood musk. The twelve sticks with glass dish pack of Blue Oud 12 Pure Agarwood is one of the most popular iOud items.

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