How To Use Luxury Joss Sticks

Are you wondering how to use the luxury joss sticks that you’ve purchased from us here at iOUD? For centuries, people of many cultures would burn incense on thin strips of wood next to a joss or religious statue. Modern luxury joss sticks are popular in the UK. They are an innovative oud agarwood alternative to the age old joss stick connection.

The Latin word incendere means to kindle or to burn. It is an apt description for incense, as the aroma of roasted incense kindles associations in your senses. Our luxury joss sticks are scent formed from wood with fragrances and manufactured into our luxury grade agarwood sticks.

Premium grade pure agarwood (or oud) originates from sustainable forests on the islands of Indonesia and other locations throughout the middle eastern world. For thousands of years, the pure natural scent of beautiful agarwood filled the air as a popular part of ancient culture. Thus, you can enjoy the sense of history along with the inherent fondness evoked by the kindling and burning of the cherished raw materials.

Some treasures are priced and prized more than gold, and that’s undoubtedly true of memories. However, to experience an aroma that reminds you of the happiest of experiences or provides you with a sense of belonging is priceless. So join the journey of discovery as you explore and find the scent experience that kindles your happy place.

By investing in luxury products, we can guide you in using your luxury new style joss sticks. With iOud you can experience the aromas you love best.

Some naturally occurring substance smells can evoke many different feelings, thoughts and emotions. Perhaps you would like to try an incense that’s popular for your office as a source of tranquillity or maybe an energy refresh.

pure agarwood

Choose your pure high-grade agarwood luxury collection of sticks with a glass dish. For example, the smooth and refined Sumatra 12 Pure Agarwood. There is a fruity and intense balsamic richness to the heavenly scent. The top note of cherry burns alongside the middle of benzoin balsamic resin in the luxury agarwood stick. The Sumatra 12 Pure Agarwood is undoubted luxury.

So, back to the original questions about how to use luxury joss sticks. Choose the perfect setting and perfect time to enjoy the scent of your perfumed iOud UK incense sticks. Light the very tip of your incense stick with your match. Place your luxury incense stick in your glass crystal dish and enjoy the aroma.

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